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Double O Limousin

Doug & Heidi Orton welcome you to Double O Limousin!

Double O Limousin is located in Smithville, Missouri, just a few miles north of Kansas City, Missouri. We raise both red and black Limousin cattle that are functional and eaDouble O Limousinsy to handle. We keep only the top end of our calves to market as breeding stock, which means only the best bull and heifer prospects.

There is much that the Limousin breed has to offer. What we admire most is the MUSCLE. No other breed of cattle can make muscle like the Limousin. There simply is no comparison. Secondly, we appreciate the advantages in feed efficiency and yield. Numerous studies have recognized Limousin as an industry leader when it comes to yielding the most saleable red meat. With feed costs at any level, this is an important Double O Limousinattribute that can’t be ignored. Thirdly, but also very important is the good disposition, especially in this herd. Time spent with any animal goes a long way in this area as does good human behavior.

Double O Limousin About Us
Doug and Heidi Orton, Double O Limousin

Doug is originally from Memphis, Missouri, where he was raised on his family farm. HeDouble O Limousin has a background in raising commercial cattle. When he made the switch to a more Limousin based herd he was most impressed with the muscling in the calves saying, “there clearly is a difference!”

Heidi has been in the Limousin cattle business since 1987 and is a lifetime member of the North American Limousin Foundation. She is a past President of the Missouri Limousin Breeders Association and has served multiple terms on the board of directors. She has enjoyed success in producing and selling breeding stock as well as showing cattle.

Double O Limousin Genetics

Half of the cow base consists of former show heifers that have become outstanding reliable females. There are also several cows that are close descendants of Elite Focus Dams. Much of the herd is influenced by some notable AI sires that have graced this earth. What is remarkable is that even after their time in the limelight of earlier show days and optimum semen sales, they still rank in the upper 10 EPD percentile among other active Limousin sires for milking ability, stayability, and marbling score; the upper 3 percentile for calving ease maternal and yield grade; and the upper 1 percentile for ribeye area. With today’s emphasis on carcass merit and the fact that cattle are being traced more now than ever before, carcass EPD’s are particularly, yet not exclusively, important when making breeding decisions. (Please contact us for more information on these AI sires or if you are interested in purchasing from our semen inventory at a discounted price.)

Double O Limousin For Sale

Bulls for sale!  

VL Ziggy 208Z

Black ⋅ Double Polled ⋅ Purebred
Birthdate: 2/14/12
Sire: RUNL Travis 332T ⋅ Dam: VL Roni 531R
Birth Weight: 79 lbs. ⋅ Weaning Weight: 754 lbs.
(Yearling ultrasound data is available on

Ziggy is ranked in the top 3% for calving ease direct, top 5% for birthweight, and upper 10 EPD percentile for yield grade. He is in great shape and should have quite a few more years in him. All of his calves have been unassisted. Price $2,900

CED: 15 BW: -1.7 WW: 53 YW: 64 MK: 25 TM: 51 CEM: 4 SC: 0.05 ST: 8 DOC: 22 YG: -0.35 CW: 4 REA: 0.46 MB: -0.40 FT: -0.07 $MTI: 34.08

VL Ziggy 208Z

Chosen One 769C

Double Black ⋅ Double Polled ⋅ Purebred
Birthdate: 4/4/15
Sire: PENS BP Thickset 517R ⋅ Dam: DBLE Talk About Me 528T
Birth Weight: 80 lbs. ⋅ Weaning Weight: 615 lbs.

This guy is out of one of our best consistent producing cows. His maternal grandsire still ranks in the top 3% for calving ease maternal EPD. He is stout and fleshy and ready to go to work.

CED: 6 BW: 2.1 WW: 65 YW: 87 MK: 22 TM: 55 CEM: 6 SC: 0.50 ST: 2 DOC: 15 YG: -0.23 CW: 24 REA: 0.41 MB: -0.25 FT: -0.07 $MTI: 42.17

Chosen One 769C


We currently have 4 Limousin heifers for sale!  

• 13 – 16 month old purebred heifers

• 2 black/polled and 2 red/polled

• Moderate framed, very gentle.  

• Will make nice replacement females.

 $1,250 each

We also have a nice selection of bred heifers that we'd be willing to sell. Please contact us for more information or questions.